Types of automatic transmission system

Welcome back in mechanic adda  here we will discuss about various types of automotive transmission system available in the market is.

Types of automatic transmission system

We will discuss how they are different and how it works.

And which one you choose based on your specific needs.

So traffic gets worst and worst, most of us adopting automatic transmission when we purchase a new car.

Although these technologies are comes with premium car because these gear box provides better convince and reliability.

Various types of automatic transmission are available here

Torque converter

Let’s discuss every gearbox in details.


Torque converter automatic transmission is a traditional AT
And remain most popular globally.

Torque converter have been around a long time and have been a result very quiet reliable.
Multiple clutch are used to transmit the power of engine to gear box.

Torque converter are made by 3 main components

With help of these component achieve different different speed ratio.
How ever some time this conventional AT some time shake away little bit in drive ratio and have less fuel economic than regular manual transmission.


• most Refined, smooth,
Reliable            ;         
• more responsive than a CVT.


• lower fuel efficient;
• little bit expensive.

Cars offered with Torque Converter: Hyundai Creta AT, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz AT, etc.


AMT is the one of the simplest application of AT and most popular in ATs since 1970s. With advance technology.
The AMT have comeback in the r emerging markets ogear box.

A AMT is a regular manual transmission system in addition of electro hydraulic actuator system.
To shifts the gears called as TCU(transmission control unit).
According to speed and acceleration it change the gears some time AMT comes with manual transmission system.

Pros: Easy to use

more fuel efficient than a manual gearbox.

Cons: Jerky and slow gear shifts – it takes time getting used to the way an AMT works.

Cars offered with AMT: Renault Kwid AMT, Maruti Suzuki Ignis AGS, DZire AGS, etc.

CVT:- CVT is most prefind automotive AT CVT (continues variable transmission) use a steel pully and belt to generate infinite gear ratio, it means there is gear changes such seamless and very quiet in operation and this gearbox is widely used.

How ever you feels some elastic while you driving.
CVT also have gear shifter padel that looks too sporty.

Smooth and seamless drive, fuel efficiency better than others

Cons: Noisy; not as responsive as other automatic gearboxes.

Cars offered with CVT: Renault Duster petrol CVT, Maruti Suzuki Baleno CVT, Honda Amaze AT, et al.


DCT   DCT  dual clutch transmission system it uses two separate shafts with own clutches to shift the gears.

One shift for odd numbers of gears and another for even numbers of gears.
This type of automatic transmission provide really quick shift and also provide good fuel economic.

This technology is fairly complex because it uses various electronic components
So cost of this this CVT gearbox is high.


Pros: Lightning fast and smooth gear shifts, fuel efficient.

Cons: Long-term reliability is questionable because this is under development; judders at low/parking speeds.

Cars offered with DSG: Volkswagen Polo GT TSI, Skoda Rapid DSG, Ford Figo DCT, etc.


So which one you will choose in various option if you are looking for a car??
If your budget is low and and looking for cheap gearbox and Maintenance then you may go for AMT

If you are looking for decent fuel economic then go with DCT.

So in this blog we know how different different gearbox works and what is pros and cons in details.

Thank you team mechanic adda

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