What is compressor?? And it’s types and application.in details

 What is compressor?? And it’s function.
What is compressor?? And it’s function.

What is compressor?? And it's types and application.in details

A compressor is a mechanical device creates pressurized air from potential energy derived from power source.

Basically a compressor is used to compress the air by using mechanical power.

There are multiple methods to compress the air and for this work we apply a force or forcing air into a vessel called storage tank to reduce volume by creating pressure on the air.
And after this the compressed air  can be utilizes for one of many other applications.
Just like:-
One simple example of an air compressor ever you go to any tyre pincher shop he/she use to a machine is to fill a tire with air that is compressor.

A compressor has two major components, like one is power source from where compressor take a drive and various power sources are used.
and the second one is  mechanism of compressing the air inside the vessel this is very important part.

As an example, of working of an air compressor:-
when air enters into the vane or compression cylinder then, this air is compressed and by compressing the air then increased pressure and decreased volume.

Inside mechanism of air compressor is very interesting means when the max pressure is stabilized inside then, a in-built mechanism switches off the air intake.
This compressed air is then usable. As the air is used and pressure decreases, another built-in switch lets more air in, beginning the process over again.

Types of Air Compressor

Compressors may be utilised in several different ways, but are these are commonly divided into types based on the functional method means how they used to generate the compressed air/gas. Some very common compressor types used by us. The types covered include:

  • Piston
  • Diaphragm
  • Helical Screw
  • Sliding vane
  • Scroll
  • Rotary Lobe
  • Centrifugal
  • Axial.

Due to the nature of the compressor designs, a market also exists for the rebuilding of air compressors, and reconditioned air compressors may be available as an option over a newly purchased compressor.

Applications of compressor

Application for normal compressor and Industries -:
Compressors are find  in different industries for various different application. 

And  are also very common between common consumer means  theses are familiar to everyday consumers.

For example, the portable 12V  electric DC air compressor that is often carried in the glove box compartment of a car is a common example of a simple version of air compressor that’s use among very common consumers to inflate tires to the correct pressure.

Some of the common applications

Here some common application and industries that utilisation of  compressors include the following:

  • Truck and vehicle-mounted
  • Compressors
  • Medical and Dental applications
  • Laboratory and specialty gas compression
  • Food and beverage processing applications
  • Oil & Gas applications

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