What is mechanical engineering

What is mechanical engineering
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Mechanical engineering is  a branch of engineering that analyse the  for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems by applying the principles and laws of physics and of material science.

And this branch of engineering that also analyse and make involvement in the production process of such mechanical parts.

And by  using  heat and some mechanical technique for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools.

And this is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines.

One of the most oldest and versatile engineering fields,

In mechanical engineering  study of objects behaviour and systems in motion.

In the field of mechanical engineering it studies every aspect of modern life, including the human body, a highly complex machine.

The role of a mechanical engineer is very versatile work, it have apply knowledge from take a product  idea and manufacture it and deliver it to marketplace. 

To accomplish this work, the mechanical engineer must be able to determine the various aspects which are comes under the consideration during the production like-:
Forces and thermal ability of  that product, its parts, or its subsystems like design them for functionality, aesthetics, and durability; and also determine the best manufacturing approach that will make production operation easy without failure.

The engineering field near a wide  understanding of core concepts of mechanical engineering like  , kinematics, thermodynamics ,HMT, force analysis of material, materials science, and structural analysis mechanics.
A mechanical engineers use these core connects principal to design or to know the details behaviour of a product.
A mechanical engineer must also have knowledge of computer-aided  design (CAD, CAM) to design and analyse products production methods.

A mechanical engineer also know about some technique like NDT non distructive test this test tells about  products lifecycle and it’s strengths.

And mechanical engineer must have knowledge that how to management design and analyze manufacturing process, how to choose industrial equipment and machinery, and other aspects like heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices and more also considered by the mechanical engineers.


Mechanical engineering have a wide range of its application so it’s scope is also very wide.

In a manufacturing industry a
Mechanical Engineers  are required to operate all manufacturing facilities by manually or by the help of automatic machinary.

And the working of a mechanical engineer changes according to the type industry/company.

There is a large scope for mechanical engineers in various industries like:-
In automobile engineering, cement industry, steel, power sector, hydraulics, manufacturing plants, drilling and mining industry, petroleum, aeronautical, biotechnology and many more other industries.

A beginner in Mechanical Engineering can opt for various job openings such as: Maintenance Engineer, safety Engineer, Quality Assurance, CNC Programmer, Jr. Engineer, Design Engineer, CAD/CAM Trainer, Production Supervisor/Engineer, R&D Trainee etc.


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